Drug discussions by name    |     drug discussions by condition    |     healthboards    |     about us    |     faq drug list > health message boards > accutane > cvid + fatigue           view full discussion thread on healthboards. Com:    cvid + fatigue (immune disorders board) view full discussion thread on healthboards. Com 15th november 2010 hello all, from what i can tell, it seems like cvid (common variable immunodefiency) comes in all different shapes and sizes. I suffered from terrible fatigue prior to receiving my diagnosis. I didn't know what was wrong with me, and i just accused myself of being a lazy good-for-nothing. viagra online without prescription Anyways, now that i receive my monthly infusions of ivig, i don't have the same overpowering fatigue flood over me that i used to have. cheap viagra online Does that mean that i never feel fatigue anymore? viagra canada Not exactly. Vitamin b12 shots sounds like a pretty effective way to deal with it.... Although i usually just drink tea or coffee... Sometimes an espresso. (i have to be careful though cuz nobody wants acid reflux to creep up on you). I didn't lead a very dangerous lifestyle prior to my diagnosis with cvid. But now i try to avoid "lifestyle" stuff as much as possible.... That is... No getting drunk, nothing like that, etc. buy generic viagra Sometimes i wonder.... will insurance pay viagra Who knows... Maybe if i hadn't drunk myself silly in the past... viagra tadalafil 20mg price (which happened on more than a few occasions, as it does for many college students)... buy viagra for men If i hadn't drunk myself silly all those times, maybe i wouldn't have cvid now? Who knows - maybe if i hadn't taken muscle milk to add bulk when i lifted weights... Maybe i wouldn't have cvid now? Who knows - maybe if i hadn't taken accutane to suppress my acne during my teenage years - maybe i wouldn't have cvid right now? You could play this game with yourself for hours. However, it's best to just accept it and embrace it.... And decide. Hey, this is me! It's like my foot. Why get angry at it? buy cheap viagra Does it make any sense to get angry at your own foot? In any case, i would be interested in hearing specifically what happened to other cvid patients prior to their diagnosis. I can honestly say that i went through the most emotionally painful year of my life prior to my diagnosis. (death, financial disaster, betrayal and self-betrayal). They say that "environmental factors" may play a role in the development of this disease, which is why i wonder whether other cvid patients out there might have undergone extremely stressful situations prior to their diagnosis as well. Copyright ©2011 drugtalk. Com all rights reserved. viagra coupon discount Privacy policy powered by healthboards. Com this site is owned and operated by.